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Shelly Kraft SNN Incorporated Culver City, CA.

October 23, 2015




I read your email regarding my writing a reference for you my old friend. So while it was a fresh request I figured I would write back to you immediately.


As Founder, CEO of SNN Inc. and Publisher of www.stocknewsnow.com and the MicroCap Review magazine I have maintained close business and personal ties with Mr. John Lowy for over 20 years. His profound expertise of the business of reverse mergers and alternative financing made my choice of John as the expert contributing author to each issue of the MicroCap Review magazine very easy. However, that is not where it ends but merely begins. SNN Inc. provides market awareness and investor visibility for emerging growth companies therefore we receive countless inquiries from C level executives whereupon we make referrals from within our close knit network.


John Lowy is my go to person and resource regarding reverse mergers and alternative funding requirements for companies. Again, it is a simple choice. John is knowledgeable, trustworthy, experienced, fair, very understanding, and has a great bedside manner. In my business giving a referral is not simple because my reputation is on the line each time I refer someone. When it comes to John Lowy, I would recommend him every time and can vouch for this man’s integrity.  




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William K. Seattle, WA.

SUBJECT: Recommendation, Mr. John Lowy


To Whom It May Concern:


With great pleasure, I recommend the services of the law firm John B. Lowy PC and its affiliated company Olympic Capital Group.


I have had the pleasure of knowing and working with John for over ten (10) years. During this time, John and I have successfully completed many reverse merger and capitalization transactions for our clients, helping our client companies achieve their revenue, profit and shareholder value goals.

John’s leadership is the essence of these reverse merger and capitalization transactions, and includes (i) the identification of a public company that meets the needs and desires of our clients who wish to ‘go public’ through a reverse merger procedure, (ii) providing assistance to the client throughout the due diligence process, (iii) providing guidance to the client in acquiring the public company, including the legal documents for the acquisition transaction, (iv) overseeing and providing guidance to our clients for the reverse merger transaction including coordinating the PCAOB audit and SEC filings [Form 8K, Form Super 8K, Form 10Q, Form 10K and others] required for the reverse merger, (v) helping the client complete the reverse merger transaction, including preparing the legal documents for the reverse merger transaction,

(vi) capitalization transactions for both public companies (PIPE transactions) and privately held companies (using Regulation D and the rules promulgated thereunder), and (vii) recommending and coordinating the ‘post reverse merger’ activities such as press releases, Investor Relations and continuing SEC reporting responsibilities.

Together, John and I have satisfactorily completed reverse merger/capitalization transactions for client companies in many market segments (among them but not limited to the technology segment, the retail segment and the manufacturing segment) and companies located throughout the United States, Canada, China and India. In each of these, and all of the other transactional opportunities we have jointly worked, John provided the key, inspirational leadership and knowledge necessary to provide the valuable solutions our clients were seeking–the solutions that meet their needs.


John’s knowledge, experience and expertise transcends securities law, reverse mergers, mergers and acquisitions, capital acquisition, business development and marketing (including investor relations), all of the elements necessary to successfully transition a company from a privately held company into a viable publicly traded company whose securities are actively traded on one of the numerous exchanges. In the many transactions we’ve worked together, I have relied upon John’s knowledge and expertise to provide the guidance and leadership necessary to complete this transaction “on-time and on budget,” all the while guiding and helping me expand my professional knowledge and competency.

John possesses the highest ethical and professional standards, the same standards I set for myself and my team, standards to which others can only aspire, with envy. John’s responsiveness, clarity and honesty in our both professional and personal relationship continues to impress and inspire me, but more important, the clients whom we support.

With great pleasure and humility, John has my highest recommendation.



William K.

M I C H A E L F. Parsippany, N.J.

M I C H A E L F.

Parsippany, N.J.


October 29, 2016


To whom it may concern:


In the more than 40 years that I have had the pleasure of knowing John Lowy, we have been involved in several transactions together. John has been a good friend, my advisor in both personal and business matters, and my attorney in various matters.


John is very capable, especially with corporate and securities transactions, where I have worked closely with him, and where his legal acumen and advice have been very helpful many times. Most important, he has always been honest and trustworthy in my dealings with him.

On a personal level, I know his wife of more than 30 years, and his children, and I can say that in addition to being an excellent attorney, he is a devoted family man.

Very truly yours,

Michael F.

I F Principal and CEO Broker-Dealer Member FINRA New York, N.Y.

_________ Capital Corp.


(Member FINRA)

New York, N.Y.





October 27, 2016


To Whom It May Concern:

Re: Reference for John Lowy

Dear Sir or Madam:


I have known John Lowy for over fifteen years and I am happy to provide a reference for him. I first met John in 2000, when he introduced my then firm to a Chinese company that was interested in doing a fundraising in the US and becoming a listed company. He was always straightforward and honest, and I was happy to work with him when he introduced other companies to us.


In 2013, when John became a Registered Investment Banking Representative we were happy to sponsor him and have him join the Company. Since his time with us, he has introduced numerous deal opportunities which show his business acumen and his integrity as a professional. I look forward to continuing to work with him.




Principal and CEO

Law Offices Of Steven S. New York, N.Y.

Law Offices of

Steven S

New York, N.Y.

October 27, 2016


To whom it may concern:


I have known John Lowy for more than 20 years. During that time I have completed many successful transactions with him.

John is very knowledgeable and resourceful. He has excellent contacts and he is diligent in bringing a transaction to a successful conclusion. Many of the transactions on which we worked would not have been completed without his knowledge and persistence.

l have no hesitation in recommending John Lowy.



Very truly yours,


Steven S.

David L. Los Angeles, CA.

October 27, 2016


To whom it might concern:


After doing over 40 reverse mergers, and dealing with many law firms over the years, I can confidently highly recommend Mr. John Lowy, his law firm John B. Lowy, PC, and his consulting company Olympic Capital Group, Inc. because of their ability to successfully accomplish any alternative public offering.


Mr. Lowy unequivocally is one of the most diligent and hard working professionals in the area of reverse mergers. Mr. Lowy is an expert in the field of reverse mergers and understands the complex nuances of this process.


Therefore, I am once again highly confident to recommend Mr. Lowy, his law firm John B. Lowy PC, and his consulting company Olympic Capital Group, Inc. as an advisable professional for accomplishing the difficult and complicated task of an alternative public offering.



David L

Los Angeles