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Our Practice Areas

Public vehicles to raise capital on exchanges, online platforms to raise capital for private companies, crypto exchanges for trading, reverse mergers, and more.

Reverse Mergers

John has successfully completed more than 150 purchases of public companies, listings and reverse mergers, in his capacity as an attorney, a consultant, a finder or a principal. 

Raising Capital Online

The JOBS Act was signed into law in 2012, and is used to raise capital online via Reg A, CF, D, S, or another way. Contact us to learn how issuers, broker-dealers and other professionals can use tech to raise capital online.

Public Company Representation

Need an experienced attorney to represent your public company? Thinking of going public and need a competent Corporate and Securities Law Firm to represent you? Contact us today. We are more than happy to assist.  

Securities Law

For more than 40 years, John B. Lowy has operated as a securities attorney in midtown Manhattan, and was CEO of two publicly traded companies which achieved listings on NASDAQ. Leverage expertise to get things done.


We help startups with compliance and help public and private companies stay compliant. We help blockchain and crypto companies navigate complex laws to operate with confidence. Need a legal opinion? Contact us.


Operate a cannabis company and want to raise capital in a compliant way? We can help. Raise capital from accredited and institutional investors as a private company, or from anyone (no bad actors) as a public company.

Blockchain / Digital Assets

Develop your own cryptocurrency, stablecoin, or asset backed token, and operate a compliant cryptocurrency exchange. Operate your own cruptocurrency exchange and earn fees on trades, instead of paying.

Real Estate Transactions

Payoff your mortgage and eliminate the risk of foreclosure, margin calls, acceleration clauses, or forced sales by raising capital from investors. Operate in a way which mitigates risk while accessing capital on your terms.

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