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What We Do

SEC Reporting

We represent public companies for their ongoing SEC reporting requirements.

Blockchain / Crypto Consulting

We help companies launch Reg D, Reg A+, and Reg S securities offerings online. Reach investors globally.

Public Company Filings

How are you going about raising capital? We help you get it right from the start.

Real Estate Syndication

Syndicate large real estate deals with modern day technologies which enable multiple parties to invest 100% online.

Raise Capital Online or Offline

In a single sitting, investors can start & complete their investment 100% online. 100% “right now”. SEC-compliant tech.

Reverse Mergers & IPO's

We have taken more than 200 companies public via reverse merger, IPO or other. $5B+ in shareholder value.

Raising Capital? Contact us to go over options.

Where else can you find experts who have taken more than 200 companies public, a real estate broker, series 79 securities license, 40+ years of experience as a securities attorney, CEO of 2 public companies who listed on (NASDAQ), multi-country transaction experience, M&A, online securities offerings and more under one roof? John Lowy Law is your 21st century securities law firm.

“After doing over 40 reverse mergers, and dealing with many law firms over the years, I can confidently highly recommend Mr. John Lowy, his law firm John B. Lowy, PC, and his consulting company Olympic Capital Group, Inc. because of John’s ability to successfully accomplish any alternative public offering.” David L

Los Angeles, CA.

“In the more than 40 years that I have had the pleasure of knowing John Lowy, we have been involved in several transactions together. John has been a good friend, my advisor in both personal and business matters, and my attorney in various matters.

John is very capable, especially with corporate and securities transactions, where I have worked closely with him, and where his legal acumen and advice have been very helpful many times. Most important, he has always been honest and trustworthy in my dealings with him.” Michael F

Parsippany, NJ.

“I have had the pleasure of knowing and working with John for over ten (10) years.  During this time, John and I have successfully completed many reverse merger and capitalization transactions for our clients, in many segments, helping our client companies achieve their revenue, profit and shareholder value goals.

John’s leadership is the essence of these reverse merger and capitalization transactions. In each of these, and all of the other transactional opportunities on which we have jointly worked, he provided the key inspirational leadership and knowledge necessary to provide the valuable solutions our clients were seeking–the solutions that meet their needs.” William K

Seattle, WA.

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